quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

2012 - The end of the world

Several prophecies of ancient cultures are converging for a date:
December 2012, and by all accounts, something much stronger may occur.

The main it refers to the Mayan calendar, developed about
3000 years by a people very rich culturally, and that point was
strong mathematics and astrology, since at that time had already provided
eclipses all that we experience today, his timing was based
the stars, and every 20 years, which they called katun, there is a
for each katun prophecy, and at last, he says that in 2012 the finish
world as we know it.
According to astrology, that date will have the full lineup of all
the planets of the solar system, which besides being aligned with s t,
are aligned with the center of the Milky Way, this event happens every
26,000 years, some people suspect that this might change the flow
Magnetic earth, and may even cause it to change its axis of
rotation, turning to the opposite side, a detail that the alignment of
planets had been predicted by the Maya for 3000 years ago, in
recent years has been confirmed by modern astrology.
Spending by Chinese culture, the scientist Terrance McKenna ordered the I
Ching (Chinese oracle that is used between them until today) in a square
his second perfect geometric shapes, their highest points
positive and negative always represented something remarkable in humanity
as the arrival of humans to the Moon (the top) and the two world wars
(those well below) and its lowest point, and last, refers
chronologically to the end of 2012.

(Personal Opinion)

I prefer to believe that climate change will be only because of the tectonic plates that move causing friction, is not the end of the world, but normal changes of mother Gaia.