quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Real Vampirism

According to the Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli, human vampiric virus
VVH would be the micro - the causative organism in cases of vampirism.
In his treatise on vampires. published in January 1616.
He says that the flies Xenopsylla Cheops, who lived in caves
inhabited by bats, vampires, would host the vvh.
When they sin by insects, bats were infected and
, when they leave to feed on the blood of others, transmitted to the
animals and humans to attack.
Also according to Fatinelli, people infected with VVH belong
the order Mononegavirales
(the same as in the rabies virus), would become vampires, and to bite someone
continue to spread the disease.
The theory has convinced many of the Italian, but Pope Paul V did not like
a thing of history.
Fatinelli was a victim of the Inquisition and ended her days burned at
fire in the central square of Florence, in April 1616.